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The Ornate & Jewelry Collections

This handmade custom line of decorative Door & Cabinet Hardware is a true work-of-art. With pride, we have designed and created a unique collection of hardware appointments, intending to embellish the workmanship of custom homes & yachts around the world.

Our Manufacturing process called Sand-Casting, is the same ancient technique utilized by European artists in the Old World. Starting with a mold made out of brass, pieces and parts are set in a box filled with special dirt, to reproduce the shape of those items to be copied. Steaming brass is poured into the box filling the spaces left after the mold is removed. Once the cool-down is completed, copies of the original design are obtained in raw material looking-a-like in shape but without defined details.

Now the creative job begins. Artisans with unique skills will spend endless hours hand chiseling out and detailing a lever, a knob, or a cabinet pull almost to perfection; expressing passion for thier work just like a sculptor creates their own masterpiece. Unlike mass-produced hardware, there are no identical pieces. This is the true richness of handmade products

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